Trading Fees and Buy Back

Trading Fees

There are two trading types of fees with RoseonX.

Position Fee:

A maximum 0.2% fee is charged to open or pay to close a position.

Funding Fee:

Once a position is opened, funding fees accumulate, and the longer a position is held, the higher the funding fee. The funding rate resets after a transaction is executed.

Fee Discounts:

VIP and NFT holders will be eligible for fee discounts (check out the VIP table)

Revenue Share & Buy Back

ROSX has implemented a buyback model to ensure stability in the supply of its native token. Every quarter, up to 25% of the generated fees (which include fees for opening and closing positions, staking ROLP, and net funding fees) will be utilized to purchase ROSX from the open market. These buybacks will be executed in a strategic manner.

Once the ROSX tokens are bought back, they will be added to the staking contracts and an equal amount of eROSX will be created. These eROSX tokens will then be distributed as rewards to stakers of ROSX, eROSX, and ROLP. This approach eliminates the need for additional ROSX tokens to be minted for the purpose of maintaining the reward structure.

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