Token Utility & Flow

ROSX (Governance, Fixed Supply)

ROSP (Utility, Unlimited Supply)


Pay Gas Fee


Pay Trading Fee (VIP 7+)

VIP Level Up (Rewards Bonus)

VIP Level Up VIP Level Up (Rewards Bonus)

Launchpad Access

Launchpad Access

Fee Discount/Cash Back

Pay To Play Games

Provide Liquidity

Fees Share

ROSX - Native Token

This is the native token of the Roseon ecosystem. It can be obtained through various methods such as providing liquidity on supported DEXs, earning and vesting eROSX, purchasing on supported exchanges, or through platform rewards. ROSX holders can also stake their tokens to receive a share of the platform rewards. Staking ROSX is possible through both the Roseon App and RoseonX

The ROSX token offers four main types of benefits:

  1. Access to all of the ecosystem services

  2. Discounts on the platform fees

  3. Tiered loyalty rewards

  4. Governance

ROSP - Rose Points Reward Token

Roseon continues to create different opportunities for its users, be it simply holding crypto, staking, farms or Game and NFT. Roseon introduces the Rose Points, a loyalty point system that can be earned by engaging in various activities within the Roseon ecosystem, such as staking, playing games, daily check-ins and as well trading.

eROSX - Escrowed ROSX

This is a vesting token for ROSX and serves two purposes. Firstly, it can be staked and earn rewards like ROSX with the same reward structure. Secondly, it can be staked into a vesting contract to claim the same amount of ROSX, which is unlocked over a 180-days linear vesting period. eROSX tokens staked for vesting do not earn rewards.

ROLP - LP Tokens

This token allows users to back leveraged trades within the platform. By minting ROLP, assets are deposited into a perpetual trading vault for traders to borrow from for their leveraged positions. The value of the vault is represented by the cumulative total of all minted ROLP tokens that have not been redeemed. Holding ROLP tokens entitles users to a share of 50% of the total fees generated by the perpetual exchange.

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