What’s Released

  • Token migrated to Arbitrum

  • Launched RoseonX Beta Version

  • Referral System for RoseonX

  • Integrated with KyberSwap to enable Spot Trading on RoseonX

  • Point System integrated to RoseonX

  • X Daily with 3 games and X Challenge social activities, trading activities, staking and LP

  • Dashboard, analytics and leaderboard page on RoseonX

  • Individual Trading Competition

  • 10+ future trading pair and 4 spot trading pair

  • Cashback: Redeem points to eROSX

  • More X Challenges, social activities

  • Coin98, OKX, Bitget, Nabox wallet integrated

  • 1-click-trading (support delegated wallet)

  • Email notifications for TP, SL, liquidation and cashback

  • Particle Network integrated (Social login, on-off ramp)

  • New Spot Contract to enhance rate and route

  • RoseonX perp integrated into Roseon App

What’s Next


  • AI layer

  • Copy Trade

  • Strategy Vault

  • Account Abstraction to enable the seamless user experience.

  • New VIP System for DEX and mobile app

  • NFT integration with RoseonPass to enable fee discount and referral benefits

  • DAO Voting

  • APIs for external partners integration

  • Team Trading Competition


  • New VIP System for DEX and mobile app

  • RoseonX spot integration (Support swap router)

  • iGames

  • Crypto predictions

  • AI Education

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