RoseonX - AI Powered Exchange with Modular Architecture

Interoperable, Fast & Fun Trading Platform

RoseonX, is a decentralized multichain derivative and gamified exchange. RoseonX comes with low fees, super-fast transactions, and high leverage. Gamification is applied to boring and repetitive processes in DeFi.

  • Perpetual Exchange - Trading Platform is supported by an innovative market-making technology where Liquidity Providers (โ€œLPโ€) earn fees from market making, swap fees, and leverage trading.

  • Multi-chain Swaps and Bridges - RoseonX will aggregate with many DEXes and bridges from various chains to offer the cheapest fees available.

  • Trailing Stops - A day trader's dream, the trailing stop-loss moves with the market price when the market is moving in your favor.

  • Single Sign-on - Single Sign-on allows one login for both platforms to reduce any friction for new user sign-ups and increases interoperability.

  • Fast Trade Execution - Our delegated wallet technology allows traders to conveniently and quickly execute trades within a click.

  • Gamified Experience - The more you trade, stake, or play games, the more rewards you earn. RoseonX will apply gamification to staking, trading, and DeFi.

Gamified Farming & Trading Experience

RoseonX, letโ€™s make DeFi fun again.

The idea is to add engagement, fun, and gamification to crypto earning, trading, and DeFi overall. The perpetual DEX offers the following gamified features:

  • A VIP system that rewards traders based on their holdings and trading volume or liquidity volume

  • A tradeable trial token and trial funds for new users to practice trading before they trade with real money

  • Rewards points redeemable for native token through gamification

  • Daily check-in, daily mini-games, and daily quizzes to build up your rewards

  • Tap DeFi - A gamified and fun way to increase your rewards (APR) when staking

  • Leaderboard to see where you stand against the others

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