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Roseon Finance aims in the medium to long term future to bridge decentralized finance (DeFi) and centralized swap services (CeFi), also known asl “CeDeFi”. Acting as a gateway to DeFi, Roseon Mobile, the multi-chain yield aggregator app that integrates with various centralized and decentralised services. Currently available in IOS and Android, Roseon Mobile was built to help bring new users to crypto and DeFi with its customer-centric design. As the industry continues on its high growth trajectory with newer and faster protocols, Roseon Mobile has chosen to prioritize user experience and ease of access.

Roseon Finance, through different corporate branches in several appropriate jurisdictions, will take care of some of the less user-friendly aspects of decentralized finance and cryptocurrency money-market saving features for its users. Roseon Aggregator, an aggregator software tool of decentralized finance to optimize rewards for the end user, only using well-established projects and exchanges and of centralized/decentralized exchanges to let users Swap tokens at the most competitive rates. Roseon's proprietary algorithm allows users to access both decentralized yield-farming and centralized lending networks to maximize rewards and optimize costs — depending on what's better at the time.

Furthermore, users no longer have to worry about losing crypto due to misplacing a private key or sending funds to the wrong smart contract address - Roseon safely stores keys and takes care of all of users’ DeFi transactions. There is also no need to worry about bugs or scams hidden in DeFi smart contracts - Roseon has a team of smart contract programmers to audit the code before it is used, and will also commit to third-party, independent, qualified smart contract and code auditing. Roseon Finance also provides a secure password reset service, so there's no need to experience the pain of losing your funds when you lose your password.

As the platform evolves, other projects and features will be added to the Roseon Mobile and Roseon Aggregator to integrate access to other DeFi strategies and mixed services with different and varied principles and features.

Roseon envisions a better world with a high degree of financial independence and decentralization and we add value by simplifying the gateway to the features and benefits of DeFi. With our easy-to-use mobile application and web interface, DeFi opportunities are available to anyone with a mobile phone and a browser allowing users to conveniently manage their DeFi portfolio from wherever they go.


Roseon Finance simplifies DeFi and brings DeFi opportunities and other features like trading, swap and NFTs portal access to anyone with a mobile phone and a browser allowing users to manage their crypto and digital tokens from wherever they go with an easy-to-use mobile application and web interface.

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