Copy Trade

RoseonX introduces a revolutionary feature, Copy Trade, by leveraging SocialFi & Asset Management principles. It connects skilled traders with investors, enabling traders to monetize their expertise and grow their community, while investors gain from traders' strategies in a secure, non-custodial manner. RoseonX resolves the ecosystem's transparency and verification challenges, offering a seamless social trading experience. Through Trading Vaults, traders can manage assets for their community, earning commissions on profits. This integration fosters a collaborative culture, allowing for shared success and solidifying community ties within the RoseonX platform.

In RoseonX's Copy Trade System, traders create personal vaults, setting fees on investor profits. Investors depositing into these vaults receive ERC20 tokens as deposit proof. Profits and losses are distributed among investors, with traders earning from set fees. The vault only accepts USDC; deposits in other currencies are converted via Swap Routers. Withdrawal or deposit requests during active trades are managed by a watcher, executing transactions post-trade closure, ensuring transparency and security for all participants within the ecosystem.

RoseonX’s Copy Trade System offers:

  • Owner-Centric, Secure Custody: RoseonX ensures users always own their assets, with a focus on user control and security.

  • Transparent Operations: Every action is traceable on a fully decentralized platform, offering clear insight into transactions.

  • User-Friendly Design: Setting up and sharing trading strategies is straightforward, welcoming users of varying experience levels.

  • Autonomy in Fee Setting: Traders set their own performance fees, fostering a mutually beneficial environment for traders and followers.

  • Diverse Trading Strategies: Accommodates various trading styles with perpetual contracts, broadening the spectrum of trading possibilities.

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