DeFi or Decentralized Finance is the name given to the crypto-economic ecosystem consisting of software applications built for digital assets on a public blockchain that replicate some functions of classical financial environments. It is a rapidly growing trend, taking components of traditional finance and transforming them into protocols via smart contracts and tokens.

Controversial as it is (from a legacy financial point of view), DeFi has seen an increase in interest from the past year. Whilst the appeal of DeFi is access to a borderless and open alternative to financial services, the growth in the market is also attributable to opportunities for enhanced money-market returns on digital tokens. According to DeFi Pulse, the interest in this supplemental investment and financial system has increased, starting from a total value locked of $0.67B in January 2020 compared to today, November 2023, at $46.2 billion locked. Most recently in January 2023, Genesis filed for bankruptcy after being charged by the United States Securities and Exchange Commission for illegally selling crypto.

Roseon Finance’s goal is to solve one key problem: Decentralized Finance (DeFi) offers users competitive rewards, but navigating through the DeFi ecosystem of protocols is difficult for non-crypto savvy users and even challenging for some of the most seasoned crypto holders.

Roseon aims to bridge the DeFi world of high rewards but poor UX designs with the highest security and a customer-focused, user-friendly interface within the Roseon mobile app (“Roseon App” or “Roseon Mobile”). The app is easy to navigate and Roseon utilizes algorithms to maximize rewards through the aggregation of decentralized borrowers and other mixed services, including NFTs and Swap features. In short, Roseon users can select the best reward opportunities without having to traverse the current, confusing world of DeFi protocols and also take advantage, within the same portal of other broadly connected services.

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