To ensure the operation and success in the Roseon ecosystem, we must guarantee that all deposit funds from all origins are kept safe; numerous levels of safety and wallets will be employed to avoid a single point of failure. Custodian solutions, such as multi signature wallets, offline storage and quarterly audits of our reserves. Only the required funds will be kept stored on numerous hot wallets for managing daily operations and ensuring operations to occur without any delay, while the majority of all the funds will be kept offline that will require a majority of authorized-signers to allow a transaction. We have implemented monitoring server-side security protocols and established a strong communication protocol internally to immediately respond and mitigate any attack vector.

Any smart contract that interacts with Roseon’s ecosystem will need to be audited and verified on the public explorer with the source code available on a Git repository with extended documented guides and code comments.

Our security team will always improve any end-to-end measures to further reduce any possible ‘attack surface’, within the Roseon ecosystem. As part of our high-security standards, all data is encrypted and salted internally. We also keep login data for analysis, and also implement IP analysis to avoid any intrusion. The Roseon backend services implement a insta-freeze on withdrawals if any anomaly is detected requiring manual administrator intervention for any unusual pattern. In addition to all of our security protocol, Roseon Finance will also be licensed, meaning that we will employ safety measures that regulators deem necessary to continue operating normally and ensuring customers ease of mind.

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