Machine Learning Model

RoseonX is broadening its horizon with the introduction of a platform feature that allows users, particularly data scientists, to contribute their trading models. This initiative is designed to harness collective intelligence for market prediction, further enhancing the capabilities of the AI Trading Agent.

The Process of Model Submission and Utilization:

  • Data Compilation and Preparation: RoseonX commits to gathering a comprehensive array of data sources, which are then meticulously processed to normalize features and targets. This results in a refined dataset that serves as a foundational resource for the community's analytical endeavors.

  • Community Engagement through Data Competitions: The prepared datasets are made accessible to the community, inviting data scientists to craft and submit their most effective predictive models. This open competition fosters innovation and encourages the exploration of new strategies for market analysis.

  • Staking and Incentivization: Participants can stake their models using RoseonX's native token, ROSX. This stake acts as a commitment to the model's performance. Outstanding models that demonstrate high predictive accuracy are rewarded with additional ROSX tokens. Conversely, models that underperform may have their staked tokens partially or wholly burned, emphasizing the importance of quality submissions.

  • Signal Generation and Dissemination: The top-performing models from the data competition are then integrated into RoseonX's system. The combined insights from these models are used to generate trading signals for various pairs, which are subsequently shared with the community via the Signal Channel. This ensures that users have access to the latest, data-driven trading insights.

This feature not only enriches the RoseonX ecosystem with a wealth of predictive insights but also empowers data scientists by providing a platform for them to contribute to and benefit from their expertise. It creates a dynamic environment where the accuracy of market predictions is continually refined, offering RoseonX users an edge in their trading activities.

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