Strategy Vault

RoseonX proudly introduces the Strategy Vault, a groundbreaking feature designed to democratize access to sophisticated arbitrage strategies. Tailored for those holding USDC, the vault meticulously exploits price differentials across exchanges, ensuring participants benefit from low-risk, consistent returns. Our approach simplifies complex market maneuvers into profitable opportunities, inviting both novice and seasoned investors to experience the efficiency and potential of crypto arbitrage. Welcome to the future of decentralized finance, where your assets work smarter, not harder.

To formalize the arbitrage strategy for RoseonX's Strategy Vault, we detail the steps and mechanisms involved at a high-level, showcasing how investments are managed and profits distributed:

Step 1: Arbitrage Opportunity Identification: The Arbitrage Monitor detects a price difference for ETH between SushiSwap ($1000) and RoseonX ($1100).

Step 2: Execution of Trades:

  • Buy 1 ETH on SushiSwap at the lower price.

  • Open a corresponding short position on ETH on RoseonX to hedge.

Step 3: Profit Scenarios:

  • Scenario 1: Prices converge to $900. Loss on spot is -$100, profit on RoseonX is $200, netting +$100.

  • Scenario 2: Prices converge to $1050. Both spot and RoseonX yield +$50, totaling +$100.

  • Scenario 3: Prices converge to $1200. Gain on spot is +$200, loss on RoseonX is -$100, still resulting in +$100.

Step 4: Profit Distribution: The +$100 profit is allocated to the USDC Vault for distribution among investors.

Investors participating in the USDC Vault receive ERC20 tokens as shares, reflecting their contribution and share of the profits. Initially priced at $1 per share, the share price appreciates with the vault's profitability, allowing investors to realize gains upon redemption.Following any withdrawals, the vault rebalances to ensure ongoing alignment with market dynamics and maintain its strategic position.

This structured approach to arbitrage within the RoseonX ecosystem exemplifies a blend of innovative financial strategies and technological efficiency, aiming to deliver consistent returns to participants. ​

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