Gamified DeFi Model

RoseonX is here to make trading and DeFi enjoyable again. The more you trade, stake, or play games, the more rewards you’ll earn. Daily check-in rewards and quizzes offer additional opportunities to increase your gains. RoseonX is taking gamification to the next level, revolutionizing yield farming, staking, and trading in a way that few exchanges have done before.

There are three types of activities that earn you Rose Points: daily activities, playing skill-based games, and trying your luck with Games of Chance. Each day, you get one free activity, incentivizing you to stay engaged in the platform to earn points. Games at the Game Center require points to play, giving you a chance to double up on your earned points. If you’re running low, you can even purchase turns to play games with ROSX, the platform’s native token.

Points can be redeemed for Cash Back Bonus, after completing a trade on RoseonApp or RoseonX, you are given an opportunity to redeem your Points in holding for instant cashback. The more points you hold, the more cashback you can earn.

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