The RoseonX Referral Program is a multi-tiered system that rewards users for referring others to the RoseonX platform. It is a simple and rewarding way to invite your friends to join in enjoying the benefits of trading with us. Based on the number of active users and weekly trading volume your referrals contribute, you can earn rebates of up to 15%


The RoseonX Referral Program offers a multi-tiered system designed to incentive users for referring others, benefiting both traders and referrers

Standard Tiers:

  • Tier 1: 5% discount for traders, 5% rebates to referrer (This is a default tier)

  • Tier 2: 10% discount for traders, 10% rebates to referrer (Require 10 weekly active users, 2 millions weekly trading volume)

  • Tier 3: 15% discount for traders, 15% rebates to referrer (Require 20 weekly active users, 4 millions weekly trading volume)

If your address meets the requirements to upgrade your Referral Tier, or if you are interested in Premium tiers, please apply via this form: Upgrade Request for Referral Tier

You can also access the Referral page by clicking the top right profile icon to view detailed stats of your referrals.

How it works

To create a referral code:

  • Go to the Referrals page:

  • Connect Wallet and Sign Message

  • Click on Create Code

  • Create a referral code using any combination of letters and numbers. Note that referral codes are case sensitive

  • Click on Submit to create a referral code

Once your referral code is created, simply copy the referral link which looks something like this:, and share it on social media or any platforms. When someone clicks your link, they'll be directed to the Referral page to enter your code. Subsequently, they need to follow steps to add your referral code (submit transactions to store your referral code in a smart contract)

When a user using your code makes their trades, they receive a fee discount, while you earn rebates from their trading fees. These rebates continue even if they switch devices.

The discounts directly reduce the trading fees, while the rebates are paid in USDC, which you can claim on the Referrals page.

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