How to stake into a Savings/Farming pool?

Note: Prior to staking you must complete your Account Registration, all Security Authentication, and your KYC identity verification.
Security Authentication required: Email Address, Phone Number, and Google 2FA Authentication
  1. 1.
    Deposit into your account
  2. 2.
    Click on Savings/Invest tab
  3. 3.
    Choose a pool to Stake/Farm
  4. 4.
    Enter the amount
  5. 5.
    Wait until the term completes to receive your rewards

Are there any fees to use the Roseon App?

Deposits are free and we charge network fees on withdrawals.
A 5% management fee is charged on the total pool deposit amount and this rate is expressed as an annual percentage figure which will be prorated based on the term of the pool - this is similar to the rewards pool APR which is expressed as an annual figure. For example, on a one month pool the management fee of 0.4166% (5% / 12 months) will be deducted from the rewards pool. Full details of our fee structure is here:

How long do transactions take?

Deposits and withdrawals into Roseon App depend on the speed of the blockchain network. For example, a deposit from Ethereum should be complete within 10 minutes.
All actions within Roseon App such as staking or farming are processed instantly. Some actions will require a waiting period, for example a term deposit cannot be cancelled before maturity.‌

What is the minimum amount that you can stake?

With each different currency there will be a different minimum stake. We try to keep this minimum very low. For example, the minimum stake for ETH is 0.01 Ether.

What is Variable APY?

With Farming, we do not offer a fixed yield. The yield for farming varies depending on the market price of the token and the liquidity pool rewards on the DEX.

When and where can I check my staking rewards?

Rewards will be deposited directly into your account at the end of the staking period on the distribution date.

What is the difference between Staking and Farming?

When you stake with Roseon App we offer you a fixed rate of return but the funds are locked in for a given period of time. With farming, you choose which farming pool to join. There is no guarantee of profits. This amount can be higher or lower than the staking reward. Depending on the pool, you may be able to withdraw your funds with a 24 hours delay, or only at certain times.