Can I use the Roseon App on my iPhone?

Yes, Roseon App is available and supports both iOS and Android mobile devices.

How to download and install Roseon App?

The Roseon App is available for iOS and Android mobile devices. Please select from the links below to download and install the application: Download the Roseon App now
Once you have found the Roseon App in Apple Store for iOS devices or Google Play for Android, tap “GET” or ”INSTALL” button and it will be installed automatically. After the Roseon App has been successfully installed, tap “OPEN'' to launch the app from the store or the Roseon App icon on the home screen.
If you did all the steps correctly but you still can’t install or launch Roseon App, please contact Roseon Finance support team (

How to configure App Settings?

Profile Menu:

  • Identity Verification: your KYC status
  • Security Center: review your security setting and info (enable your 3 levels of Security Authentication and review login history)
  • Referral: Your invitation code which you can share with others and invite them to fill in while registering.
  • Support: contact extra support, taking you straight to our Telegram channel.
  • Setting: select displayed currencies and language.
  • About: review the latest version of Roseon App on your device, our Terms of Use, Privacy Policy and links to our Facebook, Twitter and Telegram.
Portfolio Overview:
  • You can check your portfolio details (net worth and estimated return) if you tap on the eye icon in the top middle of the Portfolio tab.
  • From the setting section of the Profile menu, you can set up your displayed fiat currency and your preferred language.
  • To change your fiat displayed currency, go to profile → setting → currency, choose the fiat you prefer
  • To change your language, go to profile → setting → language, choose the language you prefer.
Current Balance:
  • You can see your current balance on the main screen of Roseon App, at Wallet, Savings and Farms.

In which countries is Roseon App NOT available?

Roseon App does not provide services to residents or citizens of the following countries:
Canada, United States of America

Crypto Assets available in Roseon App

ROSN The Roseon Token (“ROSN”) is the utility token of the Roseon ecosystem that allows users who have registered an account with Roseon to participate in loyalty and rewards programs. The token offers three main types of benefits:
  • Access to all of the ecosystem services;
  • Discounts on the Roseon platform fees;
  • Tiered loyalty rewards.
  • Governance
And there are more than 100 other assets

Custodial Service

Roseon will offer clients access to secure, institutional-grade offline cold storage, the most reliable custody solution. Roseon will also work with world-class custodial services such as Coinbase and Primetrust to ensure the safety of funds. The Custodial Service secures any cryptocurrency assets, restricting access and ensuring the privacy of any digital asset in the storage. The service relies on other listening services such as Bitcoin Node, Ethereum Node, to communicate with the respective Blockchain.
The Custodial Service includes 5 core components:
  • Wallet Service provides the functionality of a wallet, keeping track of and facilitating deposits and withdrawals
  • Secret Key Service secures all private keys
  • Transaction Queue holds pending high-value transactions waiting for admin approval. The Transaction Verification Dashboard shows all pending transactions in which the Admin can approve and sign the transaction using his private key
  • Listening Node is the gateway to Blockchain
  • Multi-signature smart contract for keeping funds safe

Management Tool

Management functionalities act as the gateway to provide vendor-agnostic services to the Roseon Mobile Application or any future third-party web or mobile interface. The main functionalities include: User Management allows the system to manage user registration, role permissions, and groups
  • Wallet Controller provides the core functionality of a wallet (ie. deposit and withdrawal)
  • DeFi Controller offers term Savings feature
  • Farming Controller offers Farming features
  • Portfolio Management Controller create, monitor and rebalance your crypto portfolio
  • NFT controller provides access to NFT asset

Integration Service

Roseon’s Integration Service acts as an aggregator or connector to external centralized and decentralized platforms via API or smart contracts.