Decentralized Finance
A field of application for distributed ledger technologies involving the development of financial products and services that mitigate reliance on central authorities.
Non-Fungible Tokens, sometimes also referred to as distinguishable assets, are cryptographic tokens representing something unique and as the name suggests, are not mutually interchangeable. There are a number of NFT standards based on public blockchains, and some blockchains (Ethereum in particular) facilitate a number of standards for NFTs with different characteristics - batch minting, semi-fungibility, etc. Unlike currencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum, NFTs allow users to peg something digital or physical to a token and have its ownership represented on the blockchain. They can then be used to track provenance in an immutable and tamper-proof distributed ledger.
The act of depositing a cryptocurrency into savings via CeFi or DeFi offerings to earn interest.
Depositing digital assets in CeFi or DeFi Farm to earn variable interest, please note that Farming is high risk but high return. Please be aware that there can be losses but can also result in high gains.
A total amount of assets deposited by pool users to earn high yield. Pools are found under the Savings and Farms product in Roseon.
When you initiate a deposit or withdrawal, the amount being processed will be locked up until blockchain confirmation is complete. This is normal and not a cause for concern.
ROI (Return on Investment) is the direct measurement of the amount of return on investment, relative to the investment’s cost.
APY (Annual Percentage Yield) is the actual rate of return that will be earned in one year if the interest is compounded.
Net Worth
The total value of the assets you own in the app.
Estimated Return
The average return earned on savings deposit, investment, wallet and index fund.
Stake now
The status of a pool implying that you can start staking.
Farm now
The status of a pool implying that you can start farming.
The status of a closed pool which doesn’t allow deposits anymore and starts yield making.
The status of a closed pool which starts yield paying.
Sold out
The status of a pool which reaches its pool staking/farming limit.
Start Date End Date
All Savings and Farming pools have start and end dates but are usually available 7 days before the start date, this is to allow users to prepare their funds and reserve their spot as there are limited seats.
  • Start = Staking starts, interested earning period starts
  • End = Staking ends, interest earning period ends