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Token Metrics

Team and advisors - 20% of tokens are allocated to the team. These tokens are fully locked for a year, and thereafter receiving quarterly disbursements of 25% increments.
Supporters and Purchasers - 20% of tokens are allocated to our seed, private, and public sales.
Marketing and Community - 20% of tokens are allocated towards our marketing efforts including community partnerships and loyalty programs to offer opportunities for enhanced benefits for existing customers. There may be a vesting period tied to the release of the tokens which will be flexibly introduced.
Mining Rewards - 20% of tokens are allocated towards reward programs and other promotional campaigns to bring user adoption and awareness to our project. This may be in the form of liquidity or staking pools.
Partnerships - 10% of tokens will be allocated for strategic partnerships which may have vesting periods of up to 12 months.
Future Reserves - 10%
We are fully committed to ensuring the utility of our token and believe in the long-term success of our project. The future reserve tokens will be used for the continued development of our application and future expansion of the business. We intend to continually enhance the application and realize our vision to bring mass adoption of DeFi and help people achieve the benefits of it. We have ambitious plans and these funds will ensure we have sufficient resources to continually maintain a high rate of growth.


  • Users are rewarded and receive fee discounts through certain activities within the ecosystem.
  • Users who stake farm tokens will incur APY rewards denominated in ROSN.
  • Roseon Mobile users may also qualify for fee discounts through several activities within the ecosystem, with details of fee structure explained below.