Roseon Mobile

Roseon Mobile is a crypto finance app that manages your crypto portfolio and optimizes yield across DeFi and CeFi networks.
Smart Savings
This is similar to a traditional bank demand or term deposit, where users deposit their funds and earn interest. Roseon Finance allows users to lend their crypto assets through the app and in turn earn interest on the asset.
The Smart Savings features are Roseon's lowest risk offerings, where the smart algorithms leverage lending networks on centralized exchanges to optimize returns. The Smart Savings comes with two options, Flexible and Fixed Savings.
Flexible Savings allows users to deposit and withdraw anytime and rates will be variable.
Fixed Savings is similar to a term deposit; they carry short-term maturities ranging from one month to a year, and investors can withdraw their funds only after the term ends. Early termination or withdrawal before the term ends is not allowed.
Roseon Swaps will search across CEXs and DEXs to seek the highest liquidity with the lowest fees and present the best available options for the user to select to swap their tokens. Traders can use the Swap feature to execute their swing trades, while farmers benefit from the low fee cross-chain swap.
Yield Farming
Yield farming is a fair concept where the users can add liquidity to the liquidity pools, and the collected funds are used for market making. This is called Automated Market Making (AMM) protocol. The liquidity providers receive LP tokens as a representation of the liquidity provided and LPs can then stake the LP tokens to earn rewards.
Several centralized and decentralized cryptocurrency exchanges allow users to add liquidity in return for rewards. Roseon gathers the pools with the best rewards and helps the users add liquidity without risking their funds. Roseon's algorithmic farming system manages the risk by picking up the systems with gas-efficient smart contracts.
Portfolio Manager
Roseon Finance’s Portfolio Manager is a software tool allowing you to create, monitor and rebalance your own crypto (main and altcoin) portfolio, always under your direct controls. You can monitor and implement your holding strategies 24/7 anytime within the Roseon Finance App, without depending on third-party management or advisors. The App will highlight the best potential opportunities and fees across a wide range of CEXs/DEXs and you will be able to trade and rebalance as needed from the ease of the Roseon App.
NFT Gallery
Unlike fungible assets, including gold, fiat currencies, and even cryptocurrencies, NFTs are cryptographic tokens representing a unique asset whose main feature is digital scarcity that cannot be interchanged. Each NFT is entirely distinguishable from others in both its value and properties.
NFTs can be tokenized versions of digital or real-world assets. In the DeFi sector, these unique tokens create digital collectibles and items that can be collected and traded on a decentralized marketplace without any intermediary. With Roseon's NFT gallery, you can store and view your rare digital arts and collectibles and sell them at favorable prices at Open Sea or Rarible.
Roseon's User experience
"Customer satisfaction is not just a department; It is our entire company."
A good user interface is something that every application or ecosystem should arrive at. Especially in DeFi space, where the agenda is to eliminate drawbacks in the existing financial systems, user experience is essential to solve real-life problems that users face and help them attain their financial goals without interruption or complexity. Roseon's user experience analyzes end-users difficulties and brings customized solutions to eliminate them.
If the motto of DeFi is to change how people look at finance, then the applications should be designed in a user-centered approach. Roseon adds value to the DeFi ecosystem by simplifying the gateway to its features and benefits via mobile app.